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Amélie still samples my breakfast and coffee each morning… although she doesn’t wake nearly as early as she used to, but neither do I.

Feb 2016-6
I love gathering with friends!! Friendship was once so convenient and easy. Intentional, mindful, necessary and (mostly) scheduled… seems to describe my current approach to friendship these days… and joyous, so full of joy! I value this community of women and the connection we share. Their hugs and laughter makes life feel light and balanced, with a touch of peace and stability… and all while providing a sense of normalcy, reminding me that I am not alone on this journey of motherhood. 
Feb 2016-4
Today we started sewing a quilt for Andy’s birthday… we only have ten days to complete it… procrastination… I’ve improved, but with great delay. The kids love sewing! Ethan is a perfectionist and teacher by nature, guiding Amélie along the way, but failing to realize that she only wants to do it “her own way.” We had to reload the bobbin and Ethan was intrigued… he couldn’t stop laughing, my favorite sound! I enjoyed seeing how proud these two were over simply sewing pieces of fabric together… a straight line and boosted egos.
Feb 2016-20
Feb 2016-21
Feb 2016-22
Feb 2016-24

Josie puts everything down her shirt… everything! Today it’s pencils.

Feb 2016-12

There was a time when eating off the floor would have grossed me out… today I am just thankful that she is “cleaning up her mess.”

Feb 2016-15

It SNOWED! Just went I thought winter had forgotten us, he showed up, creating magic and bringing smiles for us all!

Feb 2016-10


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