back-to-homeschool mini-session

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearing its end! I’m not complaining, I LOVE autumn… A Lot! Each fallView full post »

5th anniversay: wood

Sometimes days are too busy, life is hectic, time flies by… and before we know it, we have neglected our relationshipView full post »

the walden family

“My heart is open wide, I will receive your light, You give me faith like a child, In you, my heart runs wild… …View full post »

journal – sunday gatherings

Seeing God is easy for me… I see God in everything… in laughter that echoes, in the wind that blows… in trees thatView full post »

the hayes family

When I first met Liz, I just knew we would be great friends. I’ve only known her for a few months, but it feels like IView full post »

alexa – senior session

Gently wandering through nature, barefoot and free, full of hope, admiring everything God has created. She createsView full post »

Morning Coffee in the Afternoon – A mom + her littles

Our morning coffee sometimes comes to us in the late afternoon, while the little ones nap and the big kids play (quietlyView full post »

journal – peace + storms

I drove home in silence tonight, listening to the sounds of my head and the music of the storm…View full post »

journal – a little piece of my normal

Amélie still samples my breakfast and coffee each morning… although she doesn’t wake nearly as early as she used toView full post »

words + music – barehl homestead presents

My world is loud, really loud. Even when my house is quiet, the sounds linger & echo in my mind. Finding time to beView full post »

Christmas Special 2015 – Sale!

I love looking through old photos… photos from a time that doesn’t seem like “that long ago.” Our children loveView full post »

Not Your Mama’s Craft Market – 2015

If you like Etsy and Pinterest, you’re going to LOVE this event! I met Chelsey, founder of ‘Not Your MamaView full post »

camden – senior session

I think it was Buddha who said, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you createView full post »

hand hewn farm

Often I find myself daydreaming of adventures, of a life different than I live now. These daydreams look very differentView full post »

journal – before you run away… take a walk!

I want to run, to run away… as fast as I can. I desire freedom… freedom to explore, to wander, to create… toView full post »

garden mini-sessions

I can hardly believe that August is here and summer will soon be gone! I’m trying to savor each moment left in theView full post »

elizabeth & oliva – sisters

I have said this so many times, but it is so true… the most beautiful and amazing people on Earth surround me! IView full post »

grow life – sarah’s garden continued

Once upon a time there was a beautifully kooky girl whose heart was as precious and shiny as a seawater pearl.  BecauseView full post »

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