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5th anniversay: wood

Sometimes days are too busy, life is hectic, time flies by… and before we know it, we have neglected our relationshipView full post »

journal – sunday gatherings

Seeing God is easy for me… I see God in everything… in laughter that echoes, in the wind that blows… in trees thatView full post »

journal – peace + storms

I drove home in silence tonight, listening to the sounds of my head and the music of the storm…View full post »

journal – a little piece of my normal

Amélie still samples my breakfast and coffee each morning… although she doesn’t wake nearly as early as she used toView full post »

journal – before you run away… take a walk!

I want to run, to run away… as fast as I can. I desire freedom… freedom to explore, to wander, to create… toView full post »

journal – morning musings

Sometimes I question our decision to homeschool. It’s a lot of work and responsibility.  I wonder if I’mView full post »

journal – sweet josephine

Two hearts beating inside one body, connected by a vessel, sharing feelings and creating a bond before ever meeting… aView full post »

journal – always feel this way

Chaos spins around me as I attempt to make two large and different pots of soup at the same time… preparing lunchesView full post »

journal – snow day

the sun shines over the trees, round, rosy cheeks sprinkled with snow, eyes bright, full of excitement and thrill,View full post »

journal – mornings

I love mornings… I always have. After six weeks, I’m finally starting to wake up earlier… still after the sun, butView full post »

journal – winter days

Snow is falling… large, light, and fluffy flakes drift gently to the ground. I gaze out the window, imagining we’reView full post »

journal – intentional simplicity in 2015

2015 – intentional simplicity I sat down today to reflect on my goals and plans for this year… I also enjoyed myView full post »

journal – made to move

There are so many things I love about this little girl… she is generous and creative, wild and free. I love that sheView full post »

journal – drinking chocolate

Winter is by far, my least favorite season. However, I have gained a new appreciation for this cold-weather season overView full post »

journal – thanksgiving & gratitude

I find myself easily distracted with my day-to-day, mundane routines. I find myself feeling frustrated, as though myView full post »

journal – a second glace

:::A Second Glance::: On my short bike ride to the park this evening I really tried to slow down and take in all thatView full post »

journal – an unexpected love song

:::An Unexpected Love Song::: I am feeling incredibly grateful today, more than usual. I have so much love… I mean IView full post »

journal – the sun shines

:::The Sun Shines::: When I was in 8th grade I decided to stop reading magazines. I felt like someone else was tellingView full post »

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