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journal – a change of plans

:::A Change of Plans::: We, well, I had our whole weekend planned. I was just cleaning up from breakfast on SaturdayView full post »

journal – our 11 new additions

:::Our 11 New Additions::: There’s a lot of excitement in our home today! Yesterday my husband went to pick up 5View full post »


journal – the love of learning

:::The love of learning::: 206 {poem by Jeff Moss} A grown-up human being has approximately Two hundred and sixView full post »

warm wishes

journal – warm wishes

:::Warm Wishes::: I woke up this morning to soft, beautiful, golden rays of sunshine filling our home… thankful thatView full post »

the afterbath

journal – the afterbath

:::the afterbath:::  I make an effort to clear the toys after bath time, but sometimes, it’s just easier to leaveView full post »

good moring sunshine

journal – wake me for coffee

:::Wake Me for Coffee::: I remember waking with ease for 5:00 a.m. morning runs and yoga. I’ve always been a morningView full post »

grocery list

journal – grocery list

:::Grocery List::: I’ve always had a habit of writing on myself… my mom constantly scolded me for it growing up. SheView full post »

journal – scars tell stories

:::Scars Tell Stories::: Yesterday Amélie tripped over her own feet… this is normal, it happens all the time! But herView full post »

If only...

journal – if only

:::If Only::: I love how animals never complain. They’re so simple and easily satisfied. They are content with a warmView full post »

76 thoughts

journal – 76 thoughts

:::76 Thoughts::: This is my photo journal… a little peek into my heart. It’s my attempt to record a little of who IView full post »

life is fragile

journal – life is fragile

::::Life is Fragile:::: Ethan was distracted today and instead of getting in his booster seat he was trying to pickView full post »

red walls

journal – red walls

::::Red Walls:::: I was going through some old photos when we first moved into our new home and stumbled across this oneView full post »

parental responsibility

journal – parental responsibility

::::Parental Responsibility:::: Parents have the greatest privilege and responsibility in the entire world… raisingView full post »

journal – king saul

:::King Saul::: A couple of months ago Ethan brought in, what I thought was a frozen, dead caterpillar. I tried toView full post »

journal – love letters from nature

:::Love Letters from Nature::: Good morning sunshine! Oh how I adore the sweet way you wake me… gently shining inView full post »

it's the same without you

journal – it’s not the same without you

:::It’s Not the Same Without You::: Change is hard… there’s always an adjustment period… or a transition ofView full post »

real life

journal – real life

::::Real Life:::: I had this romantic idea of marriage and parenthood: I was always smiling and never stressed, my kidsView full post »

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