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How long does it take to get my images back?

You can expect your images within 3-4 weeks, but it’s almost always sooner (depending on the season). I mail them to you as soon as I receive the prints from the lab and seal the package with love. If you’re really excited, you can pick them up from my home – I’ll let you know as soon as they arrive!

Will every picture you take during our session be on my DVD?

No. You will receive only the best photos that meet my standards.  These images will be the ones that you look the best in and is a good reflection of my work.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes. However, there is an additional fee depending on your total. It’s usually $10.00.

I don’t want the 11×14 print. Can you take some money off of the total price?

I’m sorry to hear that… the prints are really great! No, I will not reduce the total price. It’s included in the package, but if you don’t want it, that’s okay. Just remember that the total stays the same.

Does the cost of our session include props, admission, food, etc?

No. If there is something unique that you want (and I don’t have), you are responsible for providing it. Also, if you choose a location with a fee or admission, you are responsible for that total cost, including parking. For example, if you want to have your session at a doughnut or ice cream shop, then you are responsible for that purchase. We will work out all of these details together as we plan your session. This isn’t usually an issue, but every once and a while I get someone who wants me to pay for their family’s zoo admission, dinner & ice cream.:)

Do you offer studio sessions?

Nope. Not me. I’m an outdoor, nature-loving kind of girl who adores natural light. We can shoot indoors, your home for example, assuming it has adequate natural light.

Is my retainer fee refundable?

Retainers are non-refundable. I require a retainer to hold us both accountable. I only shoot a limited amount of sessions each month, if someone cancels, then someone else is missing out on a session. Also, I pre-order your personalized USB drive to ensure you receive your images on time (if you cancel, I cannot return these). If you are unable to make your regularly scheduled session, I am more than willing to reschedule for you. A rescheduled session will be based on availability (I will not bump other clients out of their spots for you – you wouldn’t like me to do that to you, right?)

I’ve been meaning to whiten my teeth, you can just photoshop that, right? Will you also photoshop Aunt Sally in? She couldn’t make it because she had was at an appointment.

No, I will not photoshop anything (or anyone) in or out that’s unnatural or untrue. I’m a photographer  & storyteller who shares “true stories.” But don’t worry, I will do my best to make sure you look your best at the session. If you have a piece of lettuce in your teeth, rest assured, I will (kindly) let you know.

Can I email you my Pinterest “vision board” for you to recreate for my session?

No, no, no. (This has been asked a handful of times, so let’s get it out the of way.) If you have a favorite image that you love we can use it as inspiration. We will brainstorm ideas together that are specific to you. We can create a real vision board full of inspiration and prop ideas but I will not copy someone else’s work. Remember, we’re telling your story! So the more a shoot relates to you, the better!

Are you available for other events?

It depends. What do you have in mind? Email me the date and details and I will gladly let you know.


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