about me

While you’re here, I’d also like you to meet my family. Without these three amazing people I wouldn’t be me. They are my motivation, inspiration, and my support team. My husband backs me up 100% and believes in my dreams. He’s my research nerd – seriously, he knows more about my camera equipment than I do! Our children inspire me to pick up my camera each day and create art for their memory books. We love God and the beautiful Earth He has given us as a home. We are currently into gardening, homeschooling, and playing pretend. Our favorite pastimes are cuddling, reading and enjoying nature walks. We try to live the simple life and enjoy the everyday, little moments that make life grand. We’re far from perfect – we disagree and argue, and if you stop by our home unannounced you’re sure to find toys everywhere, laundry piled up and dishes in the sink – but we are committed and in love, and try to make constant improvements along this journey we call life. So follow along and have some fun. I’d love to hear your story too (you’ll be hearing a lot about mine!), so feel free to email me. xo  mae

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