journal – intentional simplicity in 2015

2015 – intentional simplicity

I sat down today to reflect on my goals and plans for this year… I also enjoyed my last brownie… tomorrow I am joining my husband’s sugar-free lifestyle so I savored each and every bite, including the very last crumb… I almost licked the plate but stopped myself! It’s no secret… I’m addicted to sugar!

Last year was such a busy blur that I can hardly remember what we did. I do remember how I felt… Most of the time I was overworked, exhausted and frustrated. I’m looking forward to 2015… It feels light and refreshing. I don’t usually make resolutions, but I do like making lists and having a plan.

So in 2015…

I want to stay home, stay calm and stay focused.

I want to be nice, present and curious.

I want to plan date-nights, homeschool, photography, our garden and my runs.

I want to minimize our stuff!!!

I want to be intentional with my time, money, photos, love and words.

There is so much to do… I have a habit of just going and going and going… always saying “yes” and squeezing in more than I can (comfortably) do. Time passes too quickly and I’m tired of living a hurried life. So, this is my attempt to slow down, breathe deep, and relax. I want to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and the luxury of watching my kids play and grow. This year my focus is on intentional simplicity.



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