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I love mornings… I always have. After six weeks, I’m finally starting to wake up earlier… still after the sun, but before 10:00 a.m.:) This morning I greeted the day with hunger pangs. So before heading outside for chores, I made a quick bowl of granola with almond milk. As I took my first bite, I felt little arms wrap around my waist as Amélie kissed my tummy. She looked up, smiled and without saying a word, she grabbed a spoon and shared my breakfast. Mornings with her are always pleasant and easy… and early! Just like her momma, she loves mornings and rises with the sun. Ethan likes to stay in bed and cuddle for hours… waking slowly… giving kisses and rubbing cheeks.:) Amélie used to wake us by peeling our eyelids back and talking non-stop… now she showers us with kisses and if that doesn’t work, she “accidentally” pokes us. Now that Josephine is here, Amélie wanders in our room in search of baby kisses and cuddles. She squeezes her baby sister, asks how she slept, sings a song, shares a story and reminds her, “she is the best baby sister EVER!” I have always loved mornings, but starting the day with my favorite people makes the sun shine a little bit brighter!


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