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:::The Sun Shines:::

When I was in 8th grade I decided to stop reading magazines. I felt like someone else was telling me how to live – how to dress, what to like, what to buy, how I should look and even how I should feel! But it wasn’t challenging me to think or to be or to create. I wasn’t using my mind, the mind that God had given to me. So, I chose to stop reading magazines (and watching the news, but that’s another story). As I got older I would read psychology, food, and craft/sewing magazines… but I was so irritated by the overwhelming amount of advertisements! Then one summer I discovered The Sun magazine in my uncle’s bathroom. The photograph on the cover immediately got my attention. I flipped through a few pages just to look at the pictures, which were awesome! And the content was brilliant too!

Last summer my Uncle Phil gave me a stack of his magazines – The Sun, and for the past eight months I have been enjoying the most beautiful magazine I have ever read. It’s creative… energetic… bold…  captivating… stimulating in every way! And the best part, is that it is free of ads… no advertisements (at least none that I have noticed)! And even better – I love the photographs!

I checked my mail the other day and as I quickly leafed through all the bills and normal junk mail, I came to a magazine – The Sun!! It was like Christmas morning! I started to open it but instead turned to the back… it was addressed to ME!! Uncle Phil, I thought! And sure enough, he had sent me my very own subscription!!! So this week I’ve enjoyed the most recent issue of my favorite magazine! Thanks Uncle Phil! I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug!!


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