the walden family

“My heart is open wide,

I will receive your light,

You give me faith like a child,

In you, my heart runs wild…

…More than words,

More than good ideas,

I found your love in the open fields!”

MTP Waldens 2016-24

As soon as I met The Walden Family, this song by United Pursuit, came to mind. I adore the faith and kindness that this family carries with them. Their journey is amazing, their story is inspiring, and their love is limitless. They are spending the summer traveling around the country, sharing their music and talent, shining light and hope to each person they meet. It was truly a blessing to our family to have met and photographed these beautiful souls! Please check out Stephanie’s blog at A Walden Family… she shares her family’s story, along with the best tutorials for making children’s clothing!! Plus! Recipes, homeschooling ideas, crafts and motherhood… You will love it!


I’d love to hear your story and capture moments of togetherness for you! To schedule your family’s summer session in an open field, call or email me!



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MTP Waldens 2016-2
MTP Waldens 2016-18

MTP Waldens 2016-26
MTP Waldens 2016-29
MTP Waldens 2016-32
MTP Waldens 2016-50
MTP Waldens 2016-39
MTP Waldens 2016-47
MTP Waldens 2016-52
MTP Waldens 2016-59
MTP Waldens 2016-64
MTP Waldens 2016-68
MTP Waldens 2016-74
MTP Waldens 2016-76
MTP Waldens 2016-78
MTP Waldens 2016-81
MTP Waldens 2016-83
MTP Waldens 2016-87
MTP Waldens 2016-88
MTP Waldens 2016-91
MTP Waldens 2016-97
MTP Waldens 2016-99
MTP Waldens 2016-108
MTP Waldens 2016-110
MTP Waldens 2016-124
MTP Waldens 2016-125
MTP Waldens 2016-138
MTP Waldens 2016-146

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